SMME Business strategy

In the competitive business world today companies need to be functionally adept in the internal and external environments they operate in. Sound knowledge of strategy development and strategic planning will allow you to scan the business environment in order to detect the opportunities and threats that allow you to be proactive by preparing your business for change and develop viable strategies to survive in a volatile environment. We review your current business strategy to assess long term sustainability and design and implement a strategy that suits your business. Our focus areas:

Our Services
Business Start-up

Entrepreneurship is about coming up with an idea and turning that idea into value and profit. But the entrepreneurship journey is not easy and is not only about that good idea but all about execution of that idea. All young entrepreneurs experience challenges with funding, resources, support and lack of business guidance. Our focus areas:
Business plans for bankable funding
Mentoring and coaching
Product marketing support
Business strategy and guidance
Not-for-profit Fundraising, Awareness and Access to Capital
Growth Capital, Investment Partners, Micro Loans
Organisation development
Company culture
Procedural implementation
Human Resources
Procurement and Supply chain operations
Sales and Marketing strategy
Change Management
Youth Development

South Africa is faced with the complex challenge of poor economic participation of young people, which inhibits the country’s economic development and imposes a larger burden on the state to provide social assistance. The overall unemployment rate in the country stands at 25% and rises to about 36% if discouraged workers are included in the calculation.

A salient feature of this poor economic participation is high persistent youth unemployment, which means that young people are not acquiring the skills and work experience they need to assist in driving the economy forward. The tough economy can only get better through employment and entrepreneurship which is why our objectives are to focus on guiding and growing the youth. Our focus areas:
To promote and support youth enterprise development and entrepreneurship in South Africa through government support programs
Training and skills development
Business plans for bankable funding
Mentoring and coaching youth
Incubating youth businesses for long term guidance and support
Global Business Development

With current market competitiveness, businesses need to explore across borders. We provide companies with strategies, business solutions and information to match business partners when entering emerging markets in Africa and other developing countries. We guide and prepare companies to penetrate markets through finding Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Investors, Franchisers, Franchisees, FDI and Joint Venture opportunities.
Our focus areas:
Assist business in identifying export opportunities for their product and service
Building strategic alliances
Market entry strategies
Mergers and acquisitions
Due diligence
Project management

A project is a temporary endeavour designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables) undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives. We strive to bring about beneficial change and added value. Our focus areas:
Develop a scope of work for your project
Initiate and plan
Develop team and change management
Execute and control project to completion
Quality control of project
Procurement and supply chain

What do you call what you do? Is it procurement, purchasing, buying, contract management, supply management or supply chain management? What do these terms mean? For example there are such links in the supply chain as logistics, distribution, materials management, inventory control and freight in addition to the procurement function. Most businesses do all of these but in various forms and process. Our focus areas
Design efficiencies in your operations
Assist you in sourcing the best viable product and service for your business
Develop innovative procurement processes
Why use us

Use us because we are different. We do not want customers, we want partners. Partners treasure each other, they understand each other and most of all, they grow together. You will benefit from our partnership with experts from all areas of business operations, development, finance, marketing and leadership. Our fees are tailored by outcome; our success is measured by your success!